Agleon Investments provides corporate finance consulting services, with a focus on M&A and capital raising. We adopt a selective approach when taking on new clients in order to make sure that we have a high probability of delivering successful results.

Within the Consulting group, we work closely with our clients to:

  1. Fully understand their needs.
  2. Define objectives.
  3. Evaluate strategic alternatives.
  4. Provide creative solutions.

Our role is to give expert advice throughout the deal-making process, so that clients not only maximize value, but also achieve as much operating flexibility as possible from our solutions. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge, extensive transaction experience, senior-level contacts, and insightful research.

Our Commitment


We are committed to providing independent, objective service and value to companies. Agleon clients can count on senior-level attention throughout the deal life cycle, as well as an uncompromising dedication to meeting their objectives.


Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Agleon helps clients to analyze, structure, negotiate, finance and close transactions. We leverage our team’s senior-level expertise and extensive industry contacts in order to maximize results across a full range of M&A advisory roles:

Sales and Divestitures

Agleon provides strategic guidance to clients on the sale of a company or the divestiture of non-strategic assets. We optimize value for our clients, making sure we position them to achieve the best possible pricing and terms.

Assignments typically involve:

  • Preparing all selling materials, including an offering memorandum and an objective, detailed valuation analysis.
  • Identifying and screening all potential buyers.
  • Managing and coordinating the selling process in order to maximize the number of offers and increase the final valuation.
  • Coordinating the due diligence process.
  • Negotiating and structuring the final terms.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Agleon help clients that are seeking to either make an acquisition or to form a strategic partnership with another company. From the start, we work with clients to create a well-defined plan that best satisfies strategic objectives in light of current industry trends and dynamics. As an independent firm, we give objective advice on the value of the opportunity being considered. Meanwhile, our market presence and industry relationships help us position our clients to achieve the best value and strategic fit.

Buy-side M&A engagements can involve:

  • Analyzing an industry and identifying potential targets.
  • Contacting prospects on a discreet, confidential basis.
  • Managing the due diligence process.
  • Arranging financing if necessary.
  • Negotiating, structuring and closing a final offer.

Management Buyouts (MBO)

Agleon has developed an expertise in supporting management groups seeking to buyout companies or the divisions of larger corporate entities. We serve as consultants to the acquiring management team, and assist in securing private equity, mezzanine or alternative financing to fund a transaction.

The typical management buyout includes three distinct groups, each with separate business interests:

  1. The controlling party of the company or division being divested.
  2. The acquiring management team.
  3. The investment fund or other institution financing the acquisition.

Working closely with management, we operate as a key intermediary between these three parties, working to structure acceptable terms for all involved. We also understand that an MBO can be a very disruptive process for a company’s operations; with that in mind, we strive to manage the process as discreetly and efficiently as possible, so as to avoid any misinformation or misunderstandings between the shareholders, managers, employees and investors

Capital Raising

Agleon helps companies raise new capital – whether to fund growth, finance an acquisition, refinance an existing obligation, or provide partial liquidity through a recapitalization.

Our experience extends to a wide number of products, including public and private equity, PIPEs, mezzanine financing and debt. Our team maintains close contact with a number of different debt and equity financing providers to ensure that we find the optimal capital structure to meet a client’s specific financial requirements.

When it comes to private capital, we work to secure funding from value-added sources, such as a top-tier investor with industry-specific knowledge, clout and contacts. Access to these sources is a key asset of the Agleon Investments team.

Equity & Debt Financing


Private Placements

At Agleon, we help clients find the optimal capital structure to finance their goals. Private placements can be a valuable source of funds for companies that want to enhance their capital structure or pursue expansion.

Agleon regularly help clients on raising private capital. We maintain close relationships with many different providers of equity financing, including extensive relationships with top-tier, industry-focused private equity funds. Our senior affiliated bankers stay involved in a transaction from start to finish.


Agleon Investments appreciates the need for companies to raise equity capital to grow. We manage the entire equity-raising process for our clients: it's our job to provide an effective strategy for structuring, pricing and marketing an offering to investors. Our approach capitalizes on our ability to bring issuers and investors together to raise equity - maximizing a client's value in the process.

We pride ourselves on creating innovative financing structures and solutions for our clients, whether that means a straightforward common stock issuance, derivative instrument, special-purpose security or another type of instrument. Our professionals focus on identifying and proposing the best options in every case. If a company wants to optimize its capital structure, finance an acquisition or take advantage of a favorable market to bolster liquidity, we can help.

Hybrid Products

Some demands for capital require more innovative solutions than straight equity issuance. Companies may prefer a structured solution that includes convertible and/or non-convertible preferred equity, in order to better address their capital structure goals.

The most common hybrid for middle market companies is mezzanine financing, a hybrid of debt and equity financing. It generally includes subordinated convertible debt or yield-based preferred shares, and is often structured to include warrants or options to buy stock of the issuing company.

Mezzanine financing is most often used by companies that do not have access to long-term debt. Companies typically use mezzanine financing to fund expansion, make an acquisition or finance a new growth opportunity. Mezzanine financing is attractive because it is treated like equity on the balance sheet and it is easier to obtain than standard debt financing.

Agleon's partners have extensive experience in structuring complex financing transactions, as well as longstanding relationships with the private equity funds and merchant banks that specialize in providing this type of financing.

Debt Financing

Agleon helps clients on obtaining all types of senior or subordinated debt financing. These include bonds, promissory notes, convertible securities, asset securitizations and mezzanine financing.

At Agleon, we help to pinpoint the best source of financing for a client's current and future operating needs. From contacting appropriate lenders, to guiding clients through the negotiation and terms of a debt issuance, we play an integral role.


Securitization has emerged as an important source of debt financing for many companies. At Agleon, we specialize in providing innovative, highly-structured securitization solutions that are tailored to meet a client's specific needs.